Say hello to Yooper Shirts. This was just a little start-up apparel company opened in 2009 with a goal to capture the guts of what it is to be a Yooper.

I helped this company move from concept to reality with the launch of its new retail website. With a heavy amount of products this website would need an updated visual attitude adjustment. With new product photography and retail upgrades, we had the project turned around in a few months. 
Along with the other creative and shop owner, we've added all new model photography to our social media, website and advertisement. We've expanded our women's line and create a cohesive digital and physical presence.

— Product Photography

— Website Strategy
— Copywriting

— Content Development

— Social Media Strategy

— Video Storytelling

Social Media Strategy


Defining the purpose of Yooper Shirts's Instagram is to connect with and then convert their clients into customers. Yooper Shirts will document the journey of the apparel brand and the lifestyle of the Upper Peninsula.  A grid was formed to consistently present the brand’s story as an Instagram magazine.

— 17.6k Instagram Followers
— 79k Facebook Follows
Video Storytelling
Short Product Videos/Photography