Yooper Shirts, Inc. is an official partner of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Parks, Trails and Waterways of the Upper Peninsula. As part of the Michigan State Parks (DNR) merchandise program to raise funds for state parks, trails and waterways.

I was the program coordinator for the Michigan State Parks Upper Peninsula campaign. In coordination with the DRN staff, I designed merchandise for the general Upper Peninsula State Parks brand and all 22 individual parks. I imped and develop an action plan to update the ecommerce website of over 250 products.  I conducted a photo shoot  in Tahquamenon Falls State Parks with the owner and designed the trade show booth for the DNR - Natural Resources Commission to meet in Traverse City. 

—  Program Coordinator 

— Park Brand Development

— Social Media Strategy

— Apparel Design

— Print Design

— Tradeshow Graphics

Wholesale Catalog​

As part of the Michigan State Parks apparel program, Yooper Shirts, would need to developed a wholesale system with individual State Parks in the Upper Peninsula. I designed a wholesale catalog and sale sheet that was mailed to all parks and surrounding shop for ordering the DNR products. I collaborated with our sales to team to create a call plan to organize the orders and production.