The Muslim American Faces allows Muslims to take back ownership of their narrative and directly share their own stories. The brand embodies every story by illustrating faces directly depicts one of the Muslim Americans that Heidi has interviewed, photographed and told their story on the platforms Instagram and Facebook

My client Heidi Naguib, is a photographer who is traveling across the United States to capture the stories of Muslim Americans. She is the founder of Muslim American Faces and I had the honor of transforming her vision of a this brand into a reality.

Introducing you to Muslim Americans, the young & the old; those who contribute & those who are finding their way. Real Muslim Americans. Real talk.

— Brand Identity and Strategy
— Logo Design
— Print Design

Logo Design
When the Washington DC based photographer and founder Heidi Naguib wanted a new logo design, I saw a chance to do something much bigger then creating a new brand. With its bold, attention-getting personality, Muslim American Faces became an instant hit.