Welcome to Da Club. Our brand ambassador receive a new piece of apparel every month along with a brand ambassador package in exchange, they agree to post on social media platforms, at least one a month, with quality photos or videos, wearing Yooper Shirts apparel. 

They strive to dress Yoopers and Michiganders, around the world in unique, quality products. I helped this company move from concept to reality with the creation of a brand ambassador program called "Da Club." Da Club consist of six members for a period of six months. These members range from a local adventure photographer, Elliot Kennedy, to primitive survivalist at Discovery Channel, Melissa Miller. 
The goal of this  brand ambassador program is to help Yooper Shirts reach both awareness and revenue goals for the brand.  Influence, commitment, contribution and quality of contribution would form the basis for a quality goal. The program has allowed Yooper Shirts to launch new product campaigns driven organically by our ambassadors, and creates vibrate content that truly represents embodies our brand of an active Upper Peninsula lifestyle.  

—  Program Development

— Ambassador Coordinator

— Content Development

— Social Media Strategy

— Apparel Design

— Brand Development
— Print Design

— Video Storytelling

Video Storytelling


In order to feature the passion of our brand ambassadors I created short videos for each member. The video above features Jason Lee, Marquette's very own morning show host.