I’m Jacque, the women behind Clean Ocean Clothing. Since 2018,  I’ve put an enormous amount of thought into the design, printing and presentation of each item. My current collection is inspired by the ocean, Great Lakes and sustainability. This collection fuels the conversation about our over use of plastics. Let’s live life, but let’s be aware of our actions.  Each piece of apparel is a hand printed original design. 

I’ve been a graphic designer for eight years. What began as a creative outlet of screen printing became my  creative outlet. Thanks to the help of my photographer, Rustic Road Photography, I’m able to bring it all to life and share the things I’ve created to you.

I’ve been blessed to turn my passion into a business, so 10% of all of my shop’s proceeds go to Plastic Pollution Coalition.

— Appreal Design

— Product Photography

— Manual Screen Printing

— Social Media Strategy

— Content Development

— Print Design

— Copywriting

— Sale Channel Development

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Clean Ocean Project
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