Employers have to realize that orientation isn't just a nice gesture put on by the organization. It serves as an important element of the new employee welcome and organization integration.


At this Country Club, they feel that the culture and the team come first. Migrating the culture into a new direction started with developing a new orientation program. This two-day program consists of presentations, tours, golfing, team building activities and lots of laughs. The goal of day one is to focus on the new team members and their strengths and day two is to expose the team to our core values and the culture of the Club. 


Myself along with a small team of directors developed the program and implemented it across the Club. My role is to present one interactive activity with the orientation groups on day two along with designing the presentations, handouts and the 32-page orientation book. 

— Program Development

— Copywriting

— Print Design

— Event Photography

— Presentation Design