A Michigan-based company inspired by the beauty of the inland seas, driven by shared understanding and fueled by science & research to grow a greater understanding of the world around us through compelling visual media. Great Lakes Outreach Media  wants to help tell the stories of the incredible work and people who utilize public resources to improve our quality of life through science, education, research and sustainability. They e are inspired by the Great Lakes and our goal is to help organizations that protect them communicate with the public.

I helped this company with brand development for a Michigan film maker of scientific documentaries. I was inspired by the type used for the novel "Moby Dick" written by Herman Melville. 

In 1981, the University of California Press worked with Hoyem to offer an offset-printed trade edition of the book. The typeface used for the main body type — Goudy Modern — has a rustic texture which matches both the story and illustrations perfectly. 

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